"The Magic Within"

Kinetic Interactive Contribution Machine at the Avon Grove Public Library
Kinetic sculpture by Henry Loustau Kinetic sculpture by Henry Loustau

"The Magic Within" (2003), Avon Grove Library, West Grove, PA

A book is a remarkable thing. Although relatively small in size, books can contain vast amounts of information, imagery and expression. Reading reveals the “magic” within a book. This sculpture celebrates the magic that is hidden within a book. For a small contribution, the sculpture comes alive and a mysterious window reveals the magic found within this open book. A complex mechanism of belts, wheels and wild colors churns within the sculpture. This apparition lasts for a short time and then vanishes. Hopefully, it inspires young readers to explore the magic that can be found within the books on their bookshelf or in their local library. The open pages on the opposing side of the sculpture represent the most common forms of communication found in books. One page has words that describe the fascinating history of the community. The other page uses a visual language to represent the community that is served by the library. Contributions support children’s literacy programs at the library.