"Working Bank"

An Interactive Kinetic Sculpture at the Ocean County Public Library, Toms River, New Jersey
Interactive Kinetic Sculpture, "Working Bank"

The "Working Bank" project was created for the Ocean County Library in Tom's River, New Jersey. The Ocean County Library system has nineteen branches and this sculpture was designed to be moved periodically from one location to another. It is quite rugged and easy to handle. The library was concerned with low maintenance and safety. This design is completely contained within its housing and is constructed with special shatter-proof glass. The "Working Bank" accepts only bills and has one response to a monetary contribution.

Tom's River is an old sea-port town and the design attempts to blend themes of books, boats, adventure and wonder. Four great quotes are incorporated into the open-book form at the base of the sculpture. These quotations are by Henry David Thoreau, Emily Dickinson, William Shakespeare, and Frederick Douglass. The project was underwritten by Commerce Bank.